About Us

Core Marketing In. is a Business Development and Sales Consulting Firm. We contract to service companies and manufacturers long term to develop a collaborative sales strategy, and bring that plan to action.

How It Works

Our sales consultants work on our client’s behalf to help grow current accounts and create new opportunities. We onboard ourselves to you team, understand your service or product and how to best sell them. We will introduce your company to clients with your company email, business cards, and marketing material. We work on a contract basis, but our clients quickly learn that it’s just a piece of paper, we are a part of your team. We have a central office in downtown Calgary, provide our own laptops/phones, and have a boardroom for meeting or presentations. This includes spaces for our clients to work when in Calgary for meetings.

First, we look back at your history, to help plan for your future. Our collaborative strategy will include growing current account and seeing repeat opportunities. We also want to mirror that with new clients, working through being added to vendor lists, MSA’s, with end goal of receiving new revenue streams.

Target Markets

We look at the current market our client is in, and look at different applications or markets we can engage. This process unfolds as the onboarding process is undertaken. Today, the main markets we target are Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial, Municipal, and Alternative Energy. We are always open to pursuing business outside of these if there are opportunities for our clients.